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Mobile Juice & Smoothies for Event Hire

Our mobile juice and smoothie bars and bikes are the ideal addition to any event to help boost morale, draw in crowds and engage customers. We’ve cycled our bikes across the length and width of the UK and unpacked our bars in city streets and exhibition halls, serving delicious fruit and veg smoothies to thirsty crowds and spreading the words of brands large and small.

Get in touch today to discuss your event, our availability and how we can work together to meet your goals.

office smoothie bar

Our equipment is of the finest quality on the market, our produce is all hand-picked and delivered fresh courtesy of our green grocer and our staff are experienced in customer service. We believe that these values, combined with your marketing objectives, make for successful promotions, whether we’re juicing on the streets or standing at your exhibition booth.

Juice Bars for Exhibitions

exhibition smoothie bar

Exhibition attendees are exposed to hundreds of messages in a short amount of time as they wander event halls. Making your brand stand out with help from our smoothies and juices not only makes you more memorable but is also likely to draw a larger crowd so you can spread the word of your brand with ease.

We’ve supported major brands at exhibitions around the country to make the most of the small space you have in which to sell yourself.

Conference Juices & Smoothies

Energising, health-focused refreshments can offer a much-welcomed break at conferences and are sure to keep all attendee’s brains working at optimal level. Including a smoothie and juice bar can ensure your guests are ready to absorb and engage the information you are providing them with.

Promoting your business with our branded bars and bikes also helps keep your message in your guests’ minds at all time without being pushy.

conference smoothie bar

Smoothie Bikes for Product Launches

shell promotion smoothie bike

The objective of a product launch is to raise awareness and build understanding with your customers or stakeholders. By including branded smoothie bikes or bars, you ensure your guests know exactly why they are there and what you’re trying to showcase.

Our professional gurus present a polished, skilled and welcoming service, which, combined with your brand goals, encourages people to trust you and your product at this crucial point in its introduction. 

Smoothies & Juices in the Office

Whether as a treat, a celebration, or as part of an internal promotion, juices and smoothies in the office can be a useful way to break up the day, relax after a particularly hard period or get you staff excited about the future.

Our units come in a number of sizes and each operates on a single wall plug so we can fit into any corner of your office and serve tasty treats without distraction.

Office Juice bar

Hire a Bar or Bike for Your Next Event

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Previous Locations

We have taken our mobile smoothie bars and bikes around the UK to serve guests tasty smoothies at exhibitions, product launches and office celebrations. From London to Edinburgh, our team are on-hand to help at any kind of event you need us for. 

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